A Welcoming to Womanhood


This workshop is designed for young women (teenagers) that wish to have a greater connection with their body and femininity.  

In today's day and age when a girl becomes a woman she is more aware of what is happening to her body than past generations.  However, we are still witnessing young women experiencing painful periods, poor body confidence and self-esteem and confusion about how to take care of their bodies.

The understanding of their true worth as a woman, how they are connected to the world, the power of female energy and how to stay true to themselves in a world which is largely based on appearance, is often distorted and makes it difficult for them to really love themselves. 

This workshop is an amazing opportunity for young women to come together in a non judgmental and safe space to learn new information, gain confidence, create a different perspective of what it means to be female and a woman, ask questions, explore more about themselves, share (if they wish), listen to each other and take away practical tools to live a more fulfilling feminine life. 

What will be covered:

* Knowing our body - discovering the menstrual cycle as a source of insight and renewal. Learning the connection between our bodies and the moon cycle, the impact on mood, creativity, and energy levels. 
* Nourishing our body - how to take care of our bodies with nutrition (emphasis on hormones), methods to soothe pain and discomfort during our cycle and the variety of options for personal hygiene.    
* Honouring our body -  strategies and practical tools you can use at home to nurture and honour your cycle that can become monthly rituals.   

** Each participate will take home resources and a gift bag of goodies to support what they have learned at the workshop. 

What to expect:

This workshop will be run as a circle so all participants feel equal, there is no competition or comparison and conversation flows freely.  
The workshop will run for 2 hours and will be facilitated in a very informal and comfortable manner.  There will be no set work that the participants have to complete, however, there will be time set a side for journaling. 

Date: Coming first semester 2018

Location: Iska Traralgon (up stairs)

Time: TBA

Cost: $50 

​All participants receive an Ishka Traralgon Karma Club gift voucher to get $10 off their next in-store purchase.  Healthy yummy snacks will also be provided.

My experience as a Secondary Teacher has gifted me with knowledge and an understanding of the needs of young women and an absolute love of working with them.   I am also a certified Sacred Menarche Coach and feel I have so much to offer the young women in our community .

Feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns or enquiries on 0417 352 912