Breastfeeding Support

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I am a Breastfeeding Counsellor and have been supporting mothers with breastfeeding for many years and professionally for the past 3 years. I have over 8 years of personal breastfeeding experience including tandem feeding.  For more information about my experience supporting mothers click here

This is the one area of my business that I am dedicated to keeping my fees low so my services are accessible to the wider community.  

Services provided:

Private consultation:
I am available to come to your home and spend as much time as you need. This is a service that is not readily available across the Gippsland area.  A home visit usually takes between 1 - 1.5 hours but will vary depending on the needs of each individual visit.

I am also available for phone consultations.

Once you have engaged with me and decided to receive my support I will be accessible via text message and phone between consultations as an added support.  I find that women often have a quick question or just want to check in briefly but don't need a full consultation. Breastfeeding support looks different for each mother/baby relationship and I am more than happy to work within your needs.       

Problem solving breastfeeding issues/concerns: 
If breastfeeding is not going to plan and you feel you need help, you will receive personalised support with issues such as sore nipples, supply issues, breast refusal, attachment issues, an unsettled baby, weaning or any other breastfeeding issues which are concerning you

Emotional support:
Breastfeeding is as much about emotions as the physical transfer of breastmilk to your baby.  Women often need a safe space they can express their feelings, needs and concerns without judgement.  I not only provide this as a service but will help explore options to deal with any breastfeeding issues or move through particular feelings associated with breastfeeding​​
Evidence based breastfeeding education -It can be extremely helpful to understand what a baby needs, how women’s breasts function when lactating and how a baby and mother work together

Antenatal Education – It is never too early to learn about breastfeeding. Do you want to feel confident when you begin breastfeeding? Do you have concerns or fears about breastfeeding that you want to address? Do you just want to feel prepared and have an idea of what to expect? Do you and your partner want to know how they can support you and be involved in breastfeeding?

Postnatal Education – It doesn’t matter how long you have been breastfeeding for questions always pop up.
Has your baby arrived and you are feeling confused by all the different information you are receiving about breastfeeding? Would you like evidence based information about a particular breastfeeding topic?

Breastfeeding Plan -
After each consultation you will be provided with a personalised written plan that will be created in collaboration with you.  The aim of is to make a plan that is achievable for your individualised needs

Referrals - If you need other services that I cannot provide I have many contacts that will support your breastfeeding relationship.  I am more than happy to refer you to the appropriate person/organisation

- An initial phone call or general enquiry is free 
- Home visits and phone consultations - $50 (up to 2 hours) $25 for every 1/2 hour after this time per consultation.
I am based in Churchill but am happy to travel as far as Warragul, Sale, Mirboo North and all places in between for this price.  If you are out of this zone a travel fee will incur to cover petrol.  

Breastfeeding Package- 'Journey with You'

This is a 6 week breastfeeding support package for breastfeeding mums at ANY stage in their journey. It would also make a great gift for a mum to be. This package includes:
- an initial in-person consultation in the comfort of your home (up to 2 hours) where you can share your concerns, breastfeeding problems and ask questions. During this consultation I will create a breastfeeding plan in collaboration with you that meets your individual needs and capabilities. 
- 6 weeks of follow up individualised support. This will include at least 6 telephone consultations. I WILL CONTACT YOU and provide support, strategies, ideas, re-visit your breastfeeding plan and work with you to build your breastfeeding relationship. 
- Unlimited access to calling and messaging me between pre-set phone consultations. 
- Access to my library of books on breastfeeding and parenting.
- Referrals to other professionals and services that can support your breastfeeding relationship. 
- If you need more than the 1 face-to-face consultation within the 6 weeks this can be organised by either, paying a discounted standard consultation fee for me to come to your home or you can come to see me in Churchill as a replacement telephone consultation (no extra charge).
Cost: $150 for the entire package

** If you are mix feeding or decide to stop breastfeeding throughout our 6 weeks together this is not an issue. I am here to support all mothers and will work and support you in whatever capacity is needed.

**Note- I am not a International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and cannot give medical advice. 
Breastfeeding Support

Chelley and Kye (5 months). Kye is breastfed and supplemented with donor breastmilk.  Photo taken by Naomi Seccombe

Breastfeeding Support

Coley and her 3 children, tandem feeding

"Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent" Wendy Flynn

"Breastfeeding may be normal and natural, but it's not always simple and straightforward" Deanna Blumenfeld