Childbirth Education

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Guidance to Write Your Birth Plan

Many women and couples have a vision for how they want their birth experience to unfold but do not know how to break it down or put the steps in place for it to happen.  Writing a birth plan isn't a guarantee that everything will be fine. 'The power of a birth plan isn't the actual plan, it's the process of becoming educated about your options' (Jen McLennan). 

If you are wanting to explore how to work towards achieving the birth that you envisage I can help you do this.  I can come to your home and sit down with you to talk through your options, what you want to happen, the 'what ifs' and contingency plans. I can also take notes about our discussion and type up your plan for you.
Birth plan discussion - $70
Birth plan discussion and write up - $90

- Birth Debriefing

Giving birth is a life changing event and brings with it many emotions.  Sometimes women and those present at a birth may feel unhappy or traumatised by how it unfolded or something that happened during the experience. 'Between 25 - 34 percent of women report that their births were traumatic' (PATTCh).  Debriefing after birth can be very healing and helpful when dealing with these emotions.  Debriefing can be done anytime after the birth of a baby.  It can be years later or in preparation for another birth.  

If you are wanting to debrief I can come to your house. Debriefing sessions are not only for mothers but can include fathers, partners or any other person present at a birth.  These sessions are for individuals or a group. I also see professional birth workers. 
Fee: $100

I am also offering a birth debriefing package that inlcudes the above and a Birth Release Ceremony at a cost of $180       

Services include:

- Small Group Workshops 

The group workshops are facilitated by myself and Melissa Russell from Connected Journey Doula and Counselling Services .  We are sisters and share the same passion for birth and empowering women and couples during the birthing experience.  We have put a lot of consideration into preparing the workshops we offer and provide content that is relevant to the women and families of Gippsland.  Our workshops are unique, operate independently and have been well received by those that have attended.  We are currently running workshops in Churchill and at YogaPlus in Pakenham/Berwick. 

If you are looking for a relaxed and comfortable environment where you can ask questions, share experiences and learn new skills and information then be sure to make a booking!!!

Workshop dates are changed periodically so be sure to check 'workshops and events ' for up to date information about each class and costs

- Private Childbirth Education

If you are looking for information on particular topics that are specific to your pregnancy and birth I can come to your home and a provide a one on one session that is tailored to your needs. These sessions usually take 1-2 hours.
Fee: $80   

Childbirth Education
childbirth education
Childbirth Education

Sammy, 36 weeks pregnant

'Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life' Ina May Gaskin

'If I don't know my options, I don't have any' - Diana Korte