Empower the Woman

This branch of my business has evolved as my business has blossomed and I have grown as an educator, support person, facilitator, mother, woman and sacred space holder.  Since giving birth myself and listening to many women's birthing stories I have found myself being drawn back to the significance of birth as a 'rite of passage' in a woman's life.  For me personally, I knew that giving birth was going to be like nothing I had experienced before but I was not prepared for the profound impact it would have on me as a woman.  My body was not only amazing but at the end of this momentous event, I, a new mother was born.  This experience redefined me forever and it has thrust me into quite the journey of self disovery.  It has been through this journey that I have been awakened to the power and beauty of women and the reality that 'we' as individuals and as a society do not celebrate a womans true worth anywhere near enough! ​ 

Unfortunately, it took me to become a mother to really love and connect with the essence of my femininity. How amazing would it have been if I could have began this journey when I first became a woman? If I had known how to truly celebrate, love and embrace my femininity, if I had known the connection between my menstrual cycle and the universe, if I had known that I did not need to compete and compare myself with other girls and women, if I had known that I didn't need to be intimidated by other women's success, if I had known that it felt good to be amongst a group of women because we have so much to teach and learn from each other and the power of women gathering has been happening for thousands of years and finally ......... what if I had experienced love, nurturing, acceptance, compassion and support from all the women in my community that surrounded me as I navigated my life in this world? ​         

If women learn to embrace and nurture their femininity at all stages in their lives then women will become more connected, experience deeper relationships, hold greater acceptance and compassion, understand their bodies, love themselves and others unconditionally and become more authentic and empowered in all avenues of their lives.​​

I​t was with this understanding that I began offering the women in my community the opportunity to delve deeper into 'the woman' and share, grow, connect, learn, teach, listen and give to themselves and each other. From this work, 'Empower the Woman ' was birthed.

 I feel such a strong calling to serve women.  It has come so naturally to me and I truly believe my ripple will play a part in healing women and our world. My heart has never felt this full.

I am a sacred space holder and don't profess to solve women's problems but instead provide a gateway for the women I work with to empower themselves in a safe and supportive space. I am not the expert or guru. The women that I sit with and work with are coming together with me to co-create. I come with life experience, training in holding space, circle facilitation and I am a certifed Sacred Menarche Coach.    

As part of my services I am offering and holding space for women and maiden's by facilitating women's circles, providing interactive online programs and celebrating a number of significant rituals and ceremonies in a woman's life cycle (these services are below).

If what I have written resonates with you, or you are just wanting to connect with other like minded women then please feel free to  join your beautiful sisters in our closed Facebook group, 'Empower the Woman' .

I hope to connect with you on what ever level this may be.
Cristy xx 

Release your Wild, Reclaim your SELF

AU $220

This is a full day workshop and is open to ALL women.  The workshop is held in circle and is a mixture of deep circle work, wombology, ritual, creativity (don't stress or be put off if you are like me and hate the thought of making things, this is totally doable) and the opportunity to see your wild woman for who she really is.   
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Nourish Yourself - Women's Circle

AU $25

'Nourish Yourself' is a beautiful open circle for All women.  This circle is held at Ishka in Traralgon and generally runs each month. ​​
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Nurture the Mother - Women's Circle

AU $25

''Nurturing the Mother' is a soulful women's circle designed for mothers that are at any stage and age in their journey.  This circle is held at Ishka in Traralgon and generally runs each month. Babes in arms are welcome. 
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Sacred Circle for Change-Makers (level 1)

AU $200

This is a 4 month program of in-person circles for a dedicated group of women. 
This prgram of circles will take you back to your foundation and support you in discovering the way forward for you as a woman and as change-maker. 

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Sacred Circle for Fire Igniters (level 2)

AU $200

COMING SOON .........
This program will be ready mid 2018 and is designed for women that have completed level 1- Sacred Circle for Change-Makers. 

The Conscious Mother - Monthly Share

AU $10

Every month I will share my knowledge, wisdom, research and ideas with women that hear the calling to mother consciously. 

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The Power of Intention - (online program)

AU $33

'The Power of Intention' is a one month online program that is designed to support and guide you in creating a personal meaningful intention and learning and experiencing how to honour and work with it throughout the duration of the program.     

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A Welcoming to Womanhood

AU $50

This circle/workshop is suitable for young women between the ages of 13-17 years. This workshop is designed for young women (teenagers) that wish to have a greater connection with their body and femininity.   
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Mother Blessing

AU $80+

YA Mother Blessing is a beautiful ceremony to honour the pregnant mother and shower her with love and support.  It is a meaningful alternative to a 'baby shower' and will touch the heart of everyone that attends.​​
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Birth Release Ceremony

AU $100