'Nourish Yourself' Women's Circle

Coming together with other women with authenticity, purpose and intention is something that we don't get the opportunity to experience very often in today's day and age. Women have learnt to become fiercely independent and sadly competitive with each other in many different forms.  Human beings are communal by nature and the power of circle brings back the remembering of what a village feels like. 

Circle is comforting, it is a safe space that holds us without any sharp edges.  It is a place wher eyou can surender to your feelings and truth, lean into unconditional love, have compassion and be witnessed for who you are and where you are at in the very moment.  Sitting in circle is powerful and little addictive.  Something gets activated within you, you love and need more.  Trust me!
What to Expect:

We will sit in circle together, which I will facilitate in a very relaxed manner as I embrace the experience sitting along side you.

This circle will have a connection to the lunar cycle and your own rhythm (regardless if you are mestruating at this stage of your life or not).  

We will listen to our bodies through meditation.

The circle will have an over acrching theme or topic for the group to comtemplate and embrace.

There will be an opportunity for each woman to share and reflect on her feelings and where she is at in her life. 

We will chat whilst feasting on organic healthy snacks and drinking beautiful aromatic herbal tea.

The circle will close with a ritual leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to enter back into your present life. 

There is no pressure to talk or share in the circle, if you want to sit and listen then this will be perfect for this circle.  

This is an intimate circle and only has 7 spaces available.  It has been designed this way to allow greater connection and create space foe each womaon to give and receive what she needs during our time together. 

Date: TBA

Time: 10am-12.30pm

Location: Ishka Traralgon (upstairs)

All participants receive an Ishk Traralgon Karma Club gift voucher to get $10 off their next in-store purchase.
'Nourish Yourself' focuses on nurturing your feminine within and provides women the opportunity  to connect with themselves, other like minded women and nourish the mind, body and soul.