Release your Wild, Reclaim your Self

Empower the Woman
The Wild Within

Our wild is that part of us as women that feels like it is bubbling/simmering underneath and shouldn't come to the surface and be seen.  It stirs, it lingers, it feels dangerous and we don't often know what to do with it.

Our wild is our deep feminine, our raw feminine, the unapologetic feminine that is craving to be unleashed and tell the world to 'fuck off' because she has been denied and forgotten for far too long.  

"You were wild once.
Don't let them tame you."
Isadora Duncan

The Workshop
There is nothing more I love doing than bringing women together and supporting them to learn more about themself, exploring their feminine and finding their power.  

This full day workshop is a deep delve within and focuses on peeling back the layers to discover and unleash the WILD WOMAN inside.  This will be done in complete sisterhood.  Amazing right? 

I am taking this workshop up a notch.  My own personal growth, further learning and increasing connection to the feminine is strongly nudging me to step it up and share more with my sisters. 

So here I am!    

Through deep circle work, 'Release your Wild, Reclaim your Self' will explore the wild woman archetype and how this relates to you on a personal level.  Deep circle work allows women to listen to other women's stories and most importantly to be seen and heard for who they are and where they are at in that particular moment.   
I will share with you knowledge and wisdom  that has been passed to me about the great womb and its powerful connection to your wild woman.  As well as provide an opportunity for you to experience the power of ritual and your own creativity.  This workshop will have a strong relationship with the elements of nature. 

One of the most exciting aspects of this work shop is I will be co-creating with Rosie Russell from 'Poppy and Brine'.   Rosie is an amazing photographer that  is able to capture raw authenticity in her work.  Her business is focused 'on creative portraiture of honest childhood and the spectum of womanhood'.   During the workshop each woman will be given the opportunity to have a photoshoot with Rosie.  Working with Rosie  will weave the days learning, sharing and reclaiming to a powerful crescendo. Rosie is empowering in her approach and will make you feel and see the raw essence  and beauty of YOU.   
The Finer Details

Date: TBA in the very near future (aiming for September)
Time: 10am-4.30pm
Location: At my property in Churchill, Vic. 
Financial Contribution:  A sliding scale is available for this workshop.  This ranges from $220 -$260 and you can contribute what feels right and suits your financial situation. 

What to expect: The day will be full of connection, reflection, laughter and fun!
The workshop will begin in circle but we will move around throughout the day. Hopefully we can get outside to the fire pit. 
Creative elements will include - drumming, art, journaling, the photoshoot and loads of self expression.  
You will be provided healthy soul food for the entire day, including lunch. 
Each woman will receive a bottle of crystal moon water from Madame Dry to keep energised and a thoughtful goodie bag will be gifted that reflects our time together and celebrates the wild woman.

We are the descendants
of the wild women you forgot
We are the stories you thought 
would never be taught.

They should have checked the ashes
of the women they burned alive.
Because is takes a single wild ember
to bring a whole wildfire to life.
Nikita Gill

I Ask You
Are you ready to release your wild and reclaim your self?

I would feel honoured to have this opportunity to support and enlighten you on this part of your journey. ​​

To secure your place and purchase your ticket follow the link below.  If you are nervous, hesitant or have any questions, feel free to contact me on
0417 352  912.

Much love

​Cristy xx

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All photography displayed on this page have been captured by 'Poppy and Brine' photography.