Sacred Circle for Change-Makers
(level 1)

Empower the Woman​
This is an invitation for seven soulful sisters to join me in circle and 'in journey' to create change, add value to themselves and release ripples of greater good across their community and world. 

This circle is for a dedicated group of women that will come together to offer support to their sisters in their ventures, create a powerful network of like-minded women, share their wisdom, have an open heart, learn from other change-makers, be vulnerable and be willing to dig deep within themselves.  

I ask you 

Are you ready to make change in your own life?
Are you creating or wanting to create positive waves in your community and this world?
Are you an entrepreneur?
Do you run your own business?
​Do you want to embrace the way you live your life from a soul perspective?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions then this program may be for you!

?Is this circle for me
This is not for the faint hearted.  This is a commitment to yourself and the other women that you sit with.  This is for women that commit to coming with complete unconditional love and authenticity. This is for women that are willing to take a step or leap forward in their lives and their purpose. 

How you define a change-maker is up to you.  You do not need to be a kick arse business woman! You may be doing volunteer work, you may have an idea that you want to explore, you may be working hard to create change in your family to better our world or you may feel lost and a calling to find yourself and your purpose as a change-maker.  If you believe this is the circle and group for you then you are welcome.

What will this circle offer me?

This 5 circle program offers a safe space and a platform for you to contemplate, question and grow as a woman.  This program is such a gentle and beautiful exploration of you, the feminine. It will gift you with knowledge and skills in how to connect with your feminine energy, how to lead from a feminine perspective and support you in finding your own masculine and feminine balance.  

It will offer you the opportunity to get really 'real' with yourself, to bare your soul, to hear yourself and be witnessed by women that have your best interest at heart. You are radically responsible for your own actions, words and growth when you are in circle. 
This is not a typical program.  Sitting in circle with other women is extremly powerful and energetically charged work.  Creating connection with yourself and the other women will allow you to open, reflect and grow in ways that you have not experienced before. 

This program will not leave you with a 5 point plan to create success in your life.  This program of circles will take you back to your foundation and support you in discovering the way forward for you as a woman and as a change-maker. This is not a one size fits all way of doing things, this is personal work that is done collectively with your sisters.  

The program




I have purposely kept the group small so each woman has a chance to share and there is a greater connection between the women.

Once you say 'yes' and you make a commitment, you are making a commitment to yourself and the other women for the duration of the program.
The program will run for 5 months and we will meet once per month. The program will begin in February 2019 and run until mid June.  The dates I am proposing are as follows:
Saturday February 9th
Saturday March 9th
Saturday April 6th
Saturday May 11th
Saturday June 8th

Each circle will be 3 hours in length.  The circle will begin at 10am and close at 1pm.  This allows for 15+ hours of sitting in circle, building relationships and personal and professional growth. 

Each circle will take place on my private property in Churchill.


Each circle will have a different topic that challenges you as a change-maker and in your own personal growth.  

This ranges from discovering the true meaning of your authentic self, engaging with your personal sovereignty, exploring how to reclaim your power and communicate effectively from a feminine perspective in all areas of your life. 

Each circle will include meditation, gentle strategies that you can take away and implement in your life and nurturing symbolic rituals to support your growth. 

If you would like to know more than please feel free to contact me personally and I can give you more details. 



You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group, which will only include the women that join this program. 

This is a great platform to stay connected between circles, debrief if needed, pose questions, hold space, celebrate each other and share information.  

I will be your facilitator but by no means play a role of the expert.  I will guide the topics, share information and ideas and give the circles direction but I am open for the women to create the energy and flow of each circle.  

I will be sitting along side you and aim to receive as much from the circle as I give. 


- Each circle will include soulful food - healthy snacks, lunch and beautiful organic herbal tea.

- Each woman will also be given a journal to use throughout the program that they can keep to look over and reflect after circle.

- Handouts will also be provided to take home.

Sister Testimonials

"The Sacred Change Makers group and the experience facilitated by Cristy challenged me on a deeper level to understand myself in order to affect change in the world around me.  From who I am in my authentic self, to my family and relationships with others and to my career path, I gained a profound and special understanding of what it means to embrace the divine feminine in all parts of my life. 
This way of interacting with the world sits so right with me and it was wonderful to sit in circle with a group of likeminded and inspiring women who are all on their own journey but can share their colllective wisdom in a such a special and sacred manner. 
Cristy's planning and way of approaching our learning and development was fully inclusive of all of our knowledge, experience and ideas and the way she opened her home and her heart to our circle was truly inspirational. 
This circle has shaped my life for the future and I feel so positive in moving forward with this healing and challenging experience to guide me". - Kezia 
"Cristy created a safe quiet space to sit in circle. The change makers’ circle was a fantastic way to self assess, look at yourself from a new perspective and set working intentions for change. Cristy facilitated some big questions and the gentle process to tug at who we are and want to be. It was empowering to quietly discover and rediscover strengths and what holds us back, all the while with the support and wisdom of women who were ultimately the trigger, the vehicle, the stage, the prop, the audience, the patrons of the invaluable work that we did together." - Eloise
"Wow! What an experience. I am so very grateful to have been apart of the Sacred Changemaker's circle. Meeting the beautiful women who participated, learning from and sharing with one another deeper aspects of ourselves while being completely supported was an experience like nothing I've had before.
Cristy was an amazing facilitator and conduit for the beautiful energy that was the foundation on which we built on as a group. The effort she put in to creating the magic and meaningful content in each circle was not wasted on us. Her ability to tap into and explore deeper subjects I had never even considered was amazing.
My life and my families is enriched for the personal growth and strength I have found in the circle and its been a pivotal point in my life and direction in which I'm now headed. If you are considering taking part in a circle facilitated by Cristy I would highly recommend it and have no doubt you will gain just as much as I have." - ​Angie 

"The sacred change makers circle has been exactly what I've needed at this time in my life in so many areas of my life. It's been a beautiful experience to reconnect with myself as a woman, with other amazing women in business on a spiritual level. Cristy provides exactly what she states, a sacred space where you can unapologetically be your authentic self, and allow the space to shift into your higher purpose." - Keren 
"I am so glad I participated in the Change -Maker program.  It connected me with other women that were also looking to create positive change in thier life.  I came away from each circle feeling motivated and supported.  It was such a beautiful experience and I am really looking foward to being part of level 2 with other inspiring women." - Ria 
I am asking each woman that hears the calling and wishes to join the program to financially contribute $250 to be part of the experience. 
If you are unable to find $250 upfront then you can engage in a payment plan. The payment plan on offer is as follows:
Installment one -  $100 due by the 1st of February
Installment two - $100 due by the 1st of April
Installment three - $60 due by the 1st of June
As I am asking for a solid commitment I will not be giving refunds if you miss a circle.  I am more than happy to send you the material you missed and talk you through it.

If you are ready to commit, have an enquiry or would like to express interest in the program please leave me a txt or call me on 0417 352 912.

This is such an amazing opportunity and sacred experience. I do hope you choose to sit with us.

Much love to you
Cristy xx