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Thanks for dropping in and checking out what 'The Conscious Mother' has to offer you. If you click on the link below it will take you to an 'introduction', which will give you an insight into what conscious mothering is and how it can take your role and relationship as a mother to the next level.  

If it connects with you and you would like to jump on board I will be offering a monthly module and a live Q&A that relates to conscious mothering.  Each month I will cover a different topic/concept. The first 'monthly share' is further down the page if you would like to check it out. Topics include The Child Within, Vulnerability and the Art of Surrendering, The Truth about Guilt, Shadows in you the Mother, Self Care, Holding Boundaries are much more. 

When you sign up you will receive a pdf module that shares my knowledge, experience, wisdom and research on the topic.  It will provide activities, reflective questions, ideas and examples for you to read over and consider. You will then have the opportunity to join me and other mothers live via zoom for a Q&A and casual chat about the material.  If you miss the live chat you will be sent a recording to watch in your own time.   

I am offering this at a price of $10 per topic.  I am keeping it super cheap so more women have access to it and it doesn't break the bank. The great part about this is you can opt in and opt out whenever you want.  What I mean by this is, if the topic/concept doesn't interest you, you can check back in next month and come back into the fold then.  Each month will have a separate sign up.  You can't go wrong!

Click on the link below to check it out!  If this excites you keep reading to sign up for kick off.


Enlighten your mothering, nurture your mind, body and soul and raise your self-awareness.


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The second monthly share is all about exploring your inner child, offering you helpful tools and moving your journey forward. Remember this doesn't matter if this is the first you're hearing of conscious mothering or you have been at it for years.  There is always a place for growth.  

 'The Child Within'  is accessible now! You can sign up below and gain automatic access to the PDF module material.

The live Q & A will be held on Wednesday the 15th of August at 8.30pm AEST.  Don't stress if you can't make it or you are getting kids to bed it will be recorded and sent to your email.  All the details will be sent to you after signing up.   
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