The Power of Intention

Empower the Woman
We Need to Begin at the Beginning

Our society focuses heavily on goal setting as the vital step in the 'wanting to move forward' process.  Goals are often basesd on the premise of succeeding or failing and come from a very masculine energy​​
I belive we need to take a step back and allow ourselves the opportunity to explore our intentions and really understand ourselvesComing from and honouring the feminine in this journey is powerful and enables us to bring the masculine in when we are ready to action our intention.   

"There is no doubt in my mind that we need to begin at the beginning!​"

Sharing My Love
I have the honour of sitting in circle with women regularly.  When I facilitate a circle around the New Moon each woman has the opportunity to set an intention for the month ahead. I love watching the women contemplate a worthy and often needed intention and then listening to each woman read her intention out loud, being witnessed as she is.

​It is extremely powerful!

When the women leave the container of the circle they are on their own to face their intention, work with it, honour it or leave it on the page where they wrote it. 

This immeditate separation from the women that I sit with evoked a strong calling within me to walk with women on their cyclical path.  Even though I feel complete at the close of a circle, I knew there could be more.  I knew I needed to create this program to share the power of intention, support women and be a guide through their journey.
The Program

It is important to know and remember that setting an intention is only the beginning of the journey.  The power of an intention is what you do with it!  We can all write an intention down but if it gets put away and not looked at again, it loses its magic and meaning. 

When an intention is set with the New Moon, you are planting a seed and this seed needs tending, nurturing and time to grow.  The connection between the feminine, the New Moon and intention setting is potent, powerful and magical and is closely linked through out the program.  

'The Power of Intention'
has been designed so women can feel the full force of their intention.  If you wish to join me in this program I will support, nourish and guide you as you journey from one New Moon to the next (3rd of June to the 3rd of July).   This will include:

  • Support and direction in creating a monthly intention that is challenging and specific to YOU
  • Practical actions will be provided that you can take to move and work with your intention throughout the cycle.
  • Support and guidance in making meaningful reflections.
  • Beautiful rituals will be provided that you can introduce into your or life or adapt to work for you and your lifestyle.
  • A safe space to share your journey throughout the cycle via a secret Facebook group.  
  • Prompts, reminders and information throughout our month together that will support you and  keep you on track.
  • Teachings and an exploration of how to combine and balance your feminine and masculine energy  during  the eight stages of  a lunar cycle to get the most out of your intention.  
  • ​A weekly live ZOOM call that will be recorded.  If you can't attend, the replay will be sent to your email.  This will be held as a circle and will be specific to the phase of the lunar cycle.  It aims to set you up for the week ahead and of course reflect on where you are.  
?Is This For Me
This is perfect for women that:

  • ​Love the idea of setting a monthly intention
  • Want to discover more about themselves
  • Often set an intention but do not fully honour or give the intention the focus it needs
  • Would like to learn more about the feminine, marrying their masculine and feminine energy and their connection to the lunar cycle
  • Need to incorporate more self-care into their life
Keeping it Simple
My sisters, when I put this together for you  my main aim was to keep it simple, inexpensive, make it doable and nourishing! I feel like this program is a golden opportunity to devote and nurture your mind, body and soul and support you to move forward in your life. 

When you sign up you will receive an email from me with a short introduction and supportive information in preparation.  We will then all begin together on the 3rd of June.  All correspondance will come to you via email and you will be invited to join me and your sisters in a ZOOM call once a week.  Depending on the size of the group, this call will provide an opportunity to be interactive and ask questions etc.  The dates for the ZOOM calls are as folllows -
Week 1 - Monday June 3rd @ 8pm EST
Week 2 - Monday June 10th @ 8pm EST
Week 3 -Monday June 17th @ 8pm EST
Week 4 - Tuesday June 25th @ 8pm EST
(If you can't make the calls they will be recorded for you to watch at a later date)   
Join ME
I would feel honoured to have this opportunity to support and enlighten you with  the power of your intention. ​​

I ask for a financial contribution of $29 .  If you feel the calling join me and your sisters.

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